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Welcome to Foamily's exclusive collection of throw pillow inserts, where comfort meets quality! Our Made in USA pillow inserts are designed for versatility and support, perfect for enhancing your living space. Whether you're updating your bedroom or adding a touch of style to your sofa, our extensive range covers all sizes including popular 24x24 and 20x20 options, as well as specialized sizes like 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 pillow inserts.

Foamily's All Pillow Inserts Collection - High-Quality Pillow Inserts for Every Need

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All Pillow Inserts Collection

Enhance your home's comfort and style with our comprehensive collection of pillows. From cozy throw pillow inserts to durable outdoor pillows, we have everything you need to create the perfect cushions for any space. This detailed guide will help you choose the right pillows for your covers, ensuring that every pillow is a perfect fit and provides optimal support and comfort.


Pillow inserts are the heart of every cushion, providing the support and structure needed for comfort and aesthetics. Whether you're looking to refresh your living room, add some coziness to your bedroom, or decorate your outdoor space, choosing the right pillow is crucial. This guide will walk you through the various types of pillow inserts, their uses, and how to select the correct size for your pillow covers.

Types of Pillow Inserts

Throw Pillows

Those Pillows are versatile and come in various sizes, making them ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas where you want to add a touch of comfort and style. They are usually filled with down, feather, or synthetic materials.

Living room with throw pillows on the couch.

Down Pillows

They are filled with soft, fluffy down feathers, providing a luxurious feel and superior comfort. These inserts are perfect for decorative pillows that you want to be both stylish and comfortable.

Bed with down pillow inserts in various covers.

Foam Pillows

They offer firm support and maintain their shape well, making them ideal for lumbar support and other areas where you need more structure. They are often used in outdoor cushions due to their durability.

Patio furniture with foam pillow inserts.

Outdoor Pillow Inserts

Those Pillows are designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces. They are usually made with weather-resistant materials that prevent mold and mildew.

Outdoor seating area with weather-resistant pillow inserts.

Euro Pillow Inserts

Those Pillows are large square pillows that are often used as backrests on beds or large couches. They provide excellent support and can be used decoratively or functionally.

Bedroom with euro pillow inserts on the bed.

Choosing the Right Pillow Insert Size

Selecting the right size for your pillow ensures that your pillows look full and inviting. Here are some common sizes and their recommended uses:

  • 18x18 Inch: Ideal for standard throw pillow covers, providing a full and plump appearance.
  • 20x20 Inch: Perfect for larger throw pillow covers, giving a luxurious and overstuffed look.
  • 16x16 Inch: Great for accent pillow covers, adding a cozy and decorative touch to any space.
  • 12x12 Inch: Perfect for small decorative pillows, ideal for layering and adding detail.
  • 12x20 Inch: Excellent for lumbar pillow covers, providing stylish support and comfort.

Pillow insert size chart.

Pillow Insert Size Guide

Understanding the correct size for your pillow is essential for achieving the desired look and feel. Here’s a quick guide:

  • What size pillow insert for 18x18 cover? An 18x18 pillow for a full look, or a 20x20 insert for an overstuffed appearance.
  • What size pillow insert for 16x16 cover? A 16x16 pillow for a snug fit.
  • What size insert for 20x20 pillow cover? A 20x20 pillow for a regular fit, or a 22x22 insert for a fuller look.

Various pillow sizes with labels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pillow insert?

A pillow insert is the filling that goes inside a pillow cover, providing shape, support, and comfort. They come in various materials, including down, feather, foam, and synthetic fibers.

Should pillow insert be larger than cover?

Yes, generally, It should be 1-2 inches larger than the cover to ensure a full and plump appearance.

What size pillow insert for 18x18 cover?

For an 18x18 cover, an 18x18 insert will provide a snug fit, while a 20x20 insert will give a fuller, more overstuffed look.

Where can I buy pillow inserts?

Pillow inserts can be purchased at home decor stores, online marketplaces, and specialized retailers like Foamily.

What is the best pillow insert for decorative pillows?

Down pillows are often considered the best for decorative pillows due to their softness and luxurious feel.

How to choose pillow insert size?

Measure your pillow cover and choose an insert that is 1-2 inches larger for a fuller appearance. For a snug fit, match the insert size to the cover size.

What size pillow insert for 20x20 cover?

A 20x20 pillow will fit perfectly, while a 22x22 insert will provide a more overstuffed look.

What size pillow insert for 24x24 cover?

For a 24x24 cover, a 24x24 insert will fit well, or you can use a 26x26 insert for a fuller appearance.