Frequently Asked Questions

The Foamily Premium Pillow is filled with high-grade, hypoallergenic polyester fiber that ensures both comfort and durability. The outer cover is made of a soft, breathable fabric that is gentle on your skin, providing a comfortable night's sleep.

Our pillows are available for purchase on our official website at and on Amazon. Visit our product pages for detailed descriptions and to place your order.

Yes, the Foamily Premium Pillows are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with allergies. The materials used in the pillow resist common allergens, providing a cleaner, more comfortable sleeping environment.

For the best care, we recommend spot cleaning the pillow with a mild detergent and allowing it to air dry. For detailed care instructions, please visit our care instructions page at care-instructions.

Please refer to the specific product model for details. Generally, if your pillow comes with a removable cover, it can be machine washed according to the care label instructions. Always check the label for the best care practices.

Our pillows are available in standard, queen, and king sizes to fit a variety of bedding configurations. Check the product specifications on our website or Amazon listing for detailed dimensions.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product within a specified period for a refund. Please refer to our website or Amazon product page for specific return policy details.

Delivery times vary depending on the shipping method selected at checkout. Typically, orders are processed within 1-2 business days, with delivery times ranging from 3-5 business days thereafter. For more accurate estimates, please check at the time of purchase.

The fill of our pillows is designed to offer optimal support and comfort. While they are not adjustable, they are crafted to suit a wide range of sleeping positions and preferences.

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk purchases. Please contact our customer service team through our website for more information on bulk orders.