Perfect Fit: Your Essential Guide to Pillow Insert Sizes for a Cozy Home

Perfect Fit: Your Essential Guide to Pillow Insert Sizes for a Cozy Home

Need to know which pillow insert sizes to tuck into your cushion covers for that perfectly plump look? You’re in the right place. This no-nonsense guide helps you match insert to cover, ensuring a snug fit and an inviting look, be it for square, rectangular, or specialty pillows. Dive in to discover our simple sizing tips that will transform your living space.

Key Takeaways

  • For a full and luxurious pillow, use an insert 1-2 inches larger than the pillow cover, with specific guidelines for square, rectangular, and unique-shaped pillows to maintain their shape and comfort.
  • Choose between down feather inserts for plush comfort and style, or hypoallergenic down alternative inserts for allergy sufferers and those seeking a budget-friendly option, ensuring the type matches your comfort and ethical preferences.
  • Use polyester inserts for a firm appearance and fluff pillow inserts after unpacking for optimal expansion, with sunlight exposure as a quick method to help them regain their full size; always read online product descriptions and reviews carefully before purchasing.

Understanding Pillow Insert Sizes: The Basics

Various sizes of decorative throw pillows on a couch

Selecting the appropriate pillow insert size is essential for achieving a sense of luxury and comfort in your home. A small insert can lead to a cushion that appears deflated and inexpensive, whereas an ideal-sized insert will provide fullness and opulence, ensuring the cover is completely filled out to each corner.

Our selection at includes popular sizes such as:

To ascertain which size suits best for you, consider utilizing our rule of thumb regarding sizing along with our specialized size guide tailored to different types of pillows.

The General Rule of Thumb for Sizing

To attain a plush and opulent appearance, it is advisable to select an insert that exceeds the size of the pillow cover. For example, when you possess a square pillow cover measuring 18”x18”, utilizing an insert sized at 20”x20” is the foolproof method for acquiring that sumptuous, well-filled look.

That’s correct - in this scenario, opting for a larger size truly yields superior results!

Size Guide for Specific Pillow Types

When selecting the appropriate insert size for various pillow types, it’s important to consider some nuances. For square pillow covers, an insert that measures 2 inches larger is typically best suited. This translates into opting for a 20x20 inch insert when dealing with an 18x18 inch cover.

In the case of rectangular pillow covers, choose an insert that exceeds the cover’s dimensions by 1-2 inches. As an example, pair a 16 x 22-inch insert with a cover measuring at least one dimension as small as up to potentially being in favor of choosing something like providing a snug fit within your choice might be such as well chosen about which goes into what you’re trying not just throw pillows will look even better after stuffing them full because then there would always keep shape without any sagging from lack support provided through using correct sizes based on how much extra room each type requires due this reason alone but also another factor comes down personal preference too so don’t forget take account while shopping around before making final decision!

For unique shapes like bolster or round pillows and certain throw pillows, tailor-made inserts identical in size are recommended to preserve their distinct silhouettes.

With these guidelines in mind, you’re now equipped to pinpoint the precise inset sizing required for your cushion encasements!

Selecting Down Feather & Alternative Inserts

Comparison between down feather and down alternative inserts

Having mastered the art of selecting the correct size, we now shift our focus to the various types of pillow inserts available. You essentially have two primary choices: down feather inserts and their counterpart, down alternative inserts. Each type has distinctive characteristics and advantages which will cater to your individual needs and preferences.

For those who yearn for a sumptuous cushioning comfort, down feather inserts like a 10/90 mixture offer an indulgent sleep experience with their superior softness. Conversely, if you’re concerned about allergies or prefer not to use products sourced from animals, down alternative inserts are an excellent substitute that aligns well with these considerations. To ensure you select what’s best for you, let’s explore each option’s attributes.

Down Feather Inserts: Plush Comfort

Pillow inserts crafted from down feathers come in an array of blend ratios, which affect the level of softness and support they offer. A prime example is the 25/75 down feather insert that provides a more sumptuous feeling with its increased proportion of down, enhancing the plushness.

These premium feather inserts not only elevate comfort but also reduce the chances of quills poking through thanks to their higher-down composition. Plus, they maintain compatibility with achieving that sought-after ‘karate chop’ look on your pillows. Opting for pillow inserts with a richer concentration of down can be an excellent choice for those seeking both luxurious feel and stylish aesthetics in their home décor.

Down Alternative Inserts: Hypoallergenic Options

Alternatively, down alternative pillow inserts present numerous advantages for individuals with allergies or ethical preferences. These alternative inserts are designed to be hypoallergenic and serve as an excellent choice for those who react to down or animal dander. The synthetic fibers in these pillows tend to resist mold and repel dust mites, providing additional relief for people with allergies concerns.

The allure of these alternative pillow inserts is enhanced by their affordability compared to traditional down options. For consumers seeking a comfortable insert that’s gentle on both the sinuses and wallet, down alternative pillows may just be the ideal selection!

Polyester Pillow Inserts: Achieving the Full Look

Polyester pillow insert creating a full look in a pillow cover

To attain a lavish and plush appearance for your decorative pillow, consider using polyester inserts. These are less dense than down feather inserts, which facilitates the process of fitting them into a pillow cover. As such, you can opt for an insert that is somewhat larger without overburdening the seams.

The decision to use an incrementally bigger polyester insert will not only contribute to the visual charm of your throw pillow but also retain its coziness. So how should one determine the appropriate size of polyester insert needed to create that ideal plump look? We shall delve into some guidelines in the subsequent section.

Tips for a Fuller Appearance

To achieve a plush and well-filled pillow aesthetic, opt for a polyester insert that exceeds the size of the pillow cover by 2 to 4 inches. This method ensures your pillows present an opulent and tempting appearance.

Conversely, if you’re drawn to a softer, more bohemian style, selecting a polyester insert identical in size to your pillow cover can yield a gentler fit. For lumbar pillows specifically, it’s advisable to use an insert exactly matching the cover dimensions so as not to overstuff and maintain comfort.

No matter if you’re inclined towards an elegantly taut finish or favor something with laid-back charm—you’ll find just the right size of polyester insert for your desired look!

Rebounding to Perfection: Unpacking and Fluffing Your Inserts

Fluffing and unpacking pillow inserts

Let’s delve into the process of unpacking and revitalizing your pillow inserts. These inserts typically start to expand as soon as they’re released from their vacuum-sealed packaging, a method used to economize on shipping space and expenses. To expedite this natural expansion and achieve maximum fullness, press the sides of the insert towards its center with your hands.

Even though you’ll notice that the insert begins puffing up right away, it can take up to 24 hours for it to fully plump out. There are two guaranteed strategies we can share that will not only facilitate inserting but also ensure you use an appropriately sized insert for quickened results!

From Compressed to Cozy

At Foamily, we ensure that our pillow inserts are securely compressed for shipping to prevent any harm during transit, assuring they arrive in perfect condition. After unwrapping, these pillows will naturally expand back to their initial plump state within a period of 12-24 hours.

Nevertheless, if you’re eager to enjoy your soft and fluffy pillows without delay, there’s a quick solution. You can accelerate the fluffing up of your pillow inserts by simply exposing them to direct sunlight!

Sunlight: A Natural Fluffing Method

Exposing pillow inserts to direct sunlight can accelerate their expansion. The sun’s heat aids in quickly expanding the compressed fibers, enabling the pillow insert to return to its intended shape more promptly.

Thus, when you next unwrap a fresh pillow insert, consider treating it to a session in the sunshine. This straightforward method is an effective way of speeding up the rebounding process and ensures that your pillows are prepared for use ahead of schedule.

Shop Smart: Navigating Pillow Insert Purchases Online

Online shopping for pillow inserts

Having become proficient in the knowledge of pillow inserts, you are now prepared to master the final segment of our series, making intelligent purchases for pillow inserts on the internet. The prospect of shopping online can be intimidating given the vast array of options at your disposal. Fear not, as we stand ready to assist you in maneuvering through this process.

We will provide guidance on interpreting product descriptions and analyzing consumer feedback, along with evaluating shipping fees and estimating delivery periods. Let’s embark upon deciphering product descriptions first and foremost.

Understanding Product Descriptions

It is essential to thoroughly grasp product descriptions when making online purchases. Key details provided in these descriptions include:

  • Dimensions
  • Composition of filling material
  • Purposed application
  • Unique attributes

Prior to finalizing your purchase with the ‘buy now’ selection, diligently examine the product description.

Be certain to verify specific aspects before acquiring a pillow.

-The nature of fabric for adherence to personal comfort predilections.

-The recommended care practices for correct upkeep.

Adhering to this precaution can prevent many future inconveniences!

Checking Customer Reviews and Feedback

It is vital when shopping online to carefully examine the feedback from customers. These insights are incredibly helpful in determining whether pillow insert dimensions meet quality and fit expectations. When you notice a large number of reviews that touch on specific aspects, it can shed light on how well the product holds up.

In particular, favorable comments often point out aspects such as comfort level, softness, overall high-quality construction, ample fluffiness, and appropriate sizing of the pillow insert—affirming your decision about its potential performance. Conversely, warning signs may appear in negative critiques where issues like inadequate filling leading to flat or thin pillows surfaces frequently highlight deficiencies regarding robustness or material concerns. These should alert any prospective purchaser. Thus advised: allocate sufficient time for review perusing prior to confirming your acquisition of an insert.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this guide, from understanding the basics of pillow insert sizes, choosing between down feather and down alternative inserts, achieving the full look with polyester inserts, fluffing your inserts, to shopping smart online. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision the next time you’re shopping for pillow inserts. Remember, the right insert can transform your ordinary throw pillow into a luxurious, hotel-worthy centerpiece. So, choose wisely and elevate your home’s comfort and aesthetics!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should pillow insert be?

To achieve a plush and luxurious appearance, select an insert for your pillow that exceeds the size of your pillow cover by 1 to 2 inches.

If you have a square cover measuring 22 inches, opt for a square insert that is sized at 24 inches.

Will a 20x20 pillow insert fit in a 18x18 cover?

Yes, a 20x20 pillow insert will fit in an 18x18 cover to ensure the pillow is filled out fully and looks plump.

What size pillow cover for 16x16 insert?

The correct size for a pillow cover intended to fit a 16x16 insert is indeed 16x16.

What size insert for a 26x26 sham?

For a full and plump appearance, opt for 28x28 pillow inserts when filling your 26x26 sham.

What are pillow inserts?

Inserts for pillows serve as the core padding, giving shape and firmness to throw pillows. These inserts are tailored to be encased within detachable pillow covers, allowing for a simple alteration of the aesthetic and texture of your pillows.

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